What to do if my cell phone does not turn on?

There is no greater horror story today than a cell phone that does not turn on and does not charge.

And although it is not the best, we have become dependent on our telephone for various reasons such as work, contact with people, and coexistence, among others. Therefore, when a phone does not show signs of life, it is cause for concern. But believe it or not, these situations are much more common than you think, and the reasons may vary.

In this article, we will give tips to identify the causes of a cell phone not turning on and teach you to think of the best possible solution.

Why does the cell phone stop turning on?

This problem can have multiple origins: the battery, the phone charger, the screen, the operating system, among others.

Given the above, surely you will continue wondering, why my cell phone does not turn on or does not charge? To answer this, it is necessary to carry out tests that lead us to the reason for the breakdown. Here we explain some of the main causes:

battery status

One of the most common reasons that can cause this failure is the battery. The first thing will be to verify that it is in good condition, that it does not have perforations and that it is not inflated. If you have a cell phone with the latest technology, you will need to disassemble the phone, and perhaps take it to a technical service.

You can learn much more about how to preserve the battery of your cell phone and its care in our article on tips to extend the battery life of your cell phone.


It is very likely that if a cell phone does not charge and does not turn on, it is due to the operation of the charger. To verify that it is in good condition, the first thing you should do is try it on any other phone and make sure that it fulfills its function. Another common fault can be the charger cable connector, as it sometimes accumulates dust and dirt, which prevents contact with the phone’s charging pin.

charging pin

Another common fault with modern phones is the charging pin. As much as we try to keep our phone clean, it is exposed to a lot of dust and particles, so it undoubtedly gets dirty or accumulates many polluting agents.

If the charging pin is very dirty, the phone will not charge when we connect it to the current. It is recommended that, with a very soft bristle brush, you remove the particles or apply a little air to clean your contacts.

Operating system

What happens if my cell phone turns on but does not start ? Many times the problem does not come from the hardware of your phone, but from the software. If your operating system presents any problem, it is best to go to an expert so that they can carry out the corresponding diagnosis. However, you can try a factory reset first to see if the issue persists.


The fault may be on the screen. Currently, most phones are touchscreen, and the drawbacks can come from a broken display. If this is the case, your cell phone will not turn on and you will not be able to try any solution to repair it.

Changing the screen is a complicated procedure, so we recommend that you leave it in the hands of an expert technician, who knows about the cell phone repair.

We know that this is one of the most delicate components, so here we leave you some valuable tips to protect the screen of your cell phone .

How to identify if it is a software or hardware failure of the device?

Many times the reasons for the malfunction of a cell phone come from a long time ago. There are small failures, sometimes imperceptible, that may indicate that something is wrong with your device. Here we list some of them:

keeps rebooting

Generally when this happens it is because the operating system of the terminal has a virus, a lot of cache data stored, incompatible applications installed or hardware problems. Many of these problems occur progressively, so you must stay alert before it’s too late .

No storage available

This is another frequent problem in mobile computers. When a device does not have enough space on its internal storage, the operating system begins to crash and slow down. This causes problems such as overheating of the phone, unexpected restarts and possibly that your cell phone does not charge and does not turn on.

Telephone board failure

The board of a cell phone is the circuit in which all the physical components or hardware of the terminal are connected. If your cell phone does not turn on or charge, and does not give signs of life either, the plate is probably damaged.

If this is the case, it is very likely that the phone will need to be replaced with a new one. Board replacement is usually very expensive and not worth the investment.


The use of cell phones has increased exponentially, which has made it an essential tool.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and phones are becoming more versatile, innovative and attractive. However, they have a useful life and after a few years they begin to require special care until they are finally replaced.

After having read this article, you now know what steps to follow if your cell phone does not charge and does not turn on . But, as you should know, there are many more problems that your technological devices can present and it is best to be prepared to face them.

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