Techpally educes AI impacts in Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the day now, not only in Content Marketing but in different industries.

Artificial intelligence, the short AI, is now influencing content production as different tools to automate content writing came up in the last 3 years.

You can just select a niche and input your title and description, and in some tools, the word count, and viola, the content is produced.

There’s been a mix reaction about the usefulness of AI in content marketing, and the future of this technology in content curation, Chaktty said.

Let’s look into some of the benefits or positive impacts of AI in content marketing.

Advantages of AI in content marketing

In all areas in which companies (want to) use artificial intelligence, the primary goal is to increase efficiency. 

This also applies to AI in content marketing. Content creators are relieved in the production of content by text automation tools. 

You can create content faster overall – even if the tools cannot yet output perfect texts for all content (more on this in the Challenges section), according to Techpally.

Companies and marketing teams benefit first of all from the time savings and can distribute resources to more complex tasks.

However, AI in content marketing offers another advantage: the artificial intelligence, integrated in a content tool, can provide creative input for content.

On the one hand, this applies to finding a topic through a keyword analysis.

 On the other hand, text automation tools provide entire text paragraphs, which can then serve as inspiration. 

Last but not least, artificial intelligence supports those responsible for marketing through continuous data analysis in preparing the produced content individually for customers and, as already mentioned, playing it out on the appropriate channels (website, blog, social media, app, etc.). 

Last but not least, artificial intelligence can also support search engine optimization (SEO).

This works, for example, by using artificial intelligence to optimize keywords and snippets, businesspally reported on their official website.

Challenges when using artificial intelligence in content production

Artificial intelligence offers companies many opportunities to simplify content marketing and position content more precisely.

 But AI engines also have their limits. This applies above all to the automatic creation of texts, businesspally. 

So far, text automation with the help of artificial intelligence has worked well for standardized texts in particular – such as product descriptions, as the case study tech pally Shop shows, or for newsletters. 

This is because the automation is mainly based on templates that are filled with content based on rules.

High-quality content such as articles for the corporate blog is more complex.

 In such cases, the AI ​​engine has to meet much higher requirements so that the content of the articles is of high quality.

 Rule-based text automation tools are not sufficient here. The challenge for providers is to train the AI ​​in such a way that high-quality content can be created automatically. 

Deep learning plays an important role here. And there are some significant differences.

This is what AI tools for content marketing are all about

Companies that want to use AI successfully in content marketing should consider in advance which areas they want to cover with artificial intelligence.

It’s simple standard texts for newsletters or websites, or should complex topics be dealt with in articles for your own blog in the long term? 

Depending on the orientation, a rule-based tool is sufficient, says Techpally boss.

 However, if you also want to create high-quality articles automatically – or at least partially automated – you should make sure that text automation tools use AI engines that can be further trained through deep learning.

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