Questions You Should ask Your Study Abroad Counsellors In Delhi

Attaining an international education brings diverse prospects, making it an exciting undertaking. Some popular reasons for studying abroad include various courses or programs, high-paying job opportunities, and contemporary amenities and services.

Today, every second candidate wishes to study abroad if given the opportunity. So, what stops them? Several barriers prevent these candidates from taking steps, like scholarships, expenses, lodging, boarding, visa applications, etc. Therefore, for guidance, you can find yourself studying abroad counsellors in Delhi.

However, more than finding a counsellor is required. To get the correct answers, you should ask the right questions. Therefore, we have collected a bundle of questions you can ask your counsellor.

Questions You Should Inquire With Your Counsellor

To get the best out of your hired services for overseas education, you must have the essential questions ready. However, it may be difficult to ask your counsellor all the right questions on the spot. Therefore, we have created this list to help you find information regarding the country, courses, colleges, fee structure, admission process, visa, and more. Dermatologists In Visakhapatnam

Q 1. What is the best suitable country and course for me?

You might have already researched the course and country you wish to choose. However, when you ask this question to your study overseas consultants in Delhi, s/he will evaluate your current profile and career goals. And provide a list of courses or programs you may have missed.

Relying on your counsellor will help you find the option that best fits your skills and future endeavours.

Q 2. Which country will best suit me?

Your financial status and current profile are two deciding factors for which country will best suit you. After assessing your profile, your advisor will suggest suitable options other than the one you have already set your eyes on. You can find the fittest country based on your financial circumstances and academic demands.

Q 3. What will be the overall cost of your course?

The evaluation of the cost of a course requires combining various factors. The factors will comprise the location, personal expenses, day-to-day living costs, university fees, insurance, and more. Moreover, unlike private institutions, public universities offer an excellent education at small charges.

Thus, you can find a course that fits your budget. You can ask your study abroad counsellors in Delhi to give you a comparison list of universities based on course fees.

Q 3. What are the eligibility criteria for the course?

Generally, most universities have grade 12 as their minimum eligibility criteria. There are specific academic details that your university may demand. Therefore, it is best to get your profile evaluated by the counsellor before following the admission process.

Certain universities demand a CGPA of 2.5 to 4. Meanwhile, other universities may ask for more than a 4 CGPA. Students applying for higher education must pass language exams such as PTE, TOEFL and IELTS.


Studying abroad is a dream for many. However, following through with this dream is challenging. Therefore, for help, candidate students can rely on overseas study consultants in Delhi for support and guidance. You must ask all the necessary questions to get the best of their assistance. This post has discussed some questions to help you fulfil your dream.

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