How important are YouTube watch hours?

YouTube is one of the most popular apps these days. Around 2.3 billion people use YouTube in their day-to-day life. And due to the popularity of this app, people are indulging more and more in content creation for fame and monetary benefits. We all are aware of the fact that making videos for YouTube helps you earn. You might have noticed that YouTubers regularly upload several videos on their YouTube channel. But have you ever thought about why? Or how important are YouTube watch hours? This article will help you know about YouTube watch hours and their importance. Let’s get going.

What are YouTube Watch hours?

Watch time refers to the total time viewers have spent watching your videos since you uploaded them. The important thing to remember is that Watch Time differs from audience retention. Audience retention means the percentage of the video a viewer watches. Or simply the time till your video engages the viewers. 

Why are YouTube Watch Hours important?

If you run a YouTube channel, you might have observed that the more views or watch time you accumulate, the more your channel grow. And you know well that the purpose of a YouTube channel is to reach people and gain more and more watch hours. Watch Time is a crucial factor that helps in search, recommendation, and discovery algorithms.

YouTube has become a source of income for most content creators. But do you know what the first step to start earning through YouTube is?

The foremost thing is to apply to YouTube Partners Program, which will make you eligible to earn money through your videos. But before that, you must ensure that you have at least 1,000 subscribers and exceed 4000 legitimate public watch hours in the last 12 months. And only then you’ll start getting the monetary benefits from YouTube. To garn the required YouTube watch hours, you need to produce more engaging yet quality content.

Ways to increase YouTube Watch Hours

  1. Post highly engaging content- An essential factor that decides the growth of your channel is the content you upload. The videos need to be engaging, informative, and entertaining. Therefore, producing high-quality, watchable content makes your channel stand out.
  2. Frequently Upload videos- The more content you upload, the more views you get. Hence, increase the frequency of uploading your videos.
  3. A bang on Start- Make sure that the starting 10-15 seconds of your videos are the most captivating so that the viewer gets glued to your video till the end. Otherwise, people often leave videos after a few seconds.
  4. Online Promotion of your channel- You can use ther online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., to promote so that people get to know more about your channel and videos. 
  5. Plan the script- Only a few people can nail spontaneous acts. Otherwise, each one of us needs practice and a planned script to act or present the videos. It is better to provide more polished and perfectly edited videos for the viewers.


YouTube watch hours are significant for the growth and success of your YouTube channel. Therefore, increasing the number of followers will help you gain maximum watch hours. 

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