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Christmas Coloring Pages, The Advent season, and Christmas season preparation are made beautiful by these printable Christmas coloring sheets! Celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season. Children enjoy coloring pictures of the actual Jesus in the stable with Mary and Joseph. The list of coloring sheets for adults, preschoolers, and kindergarteners is extensive.

Printing individual photographs as Christmas cards is equally simple if you use your printer’s booklet mode. Your family and friends will cherish these homemade Christmas gifts from your children. We appreciate you sharing when you can!

Printable Coloring Pages for Christmas

  • Children adore the Nativity scene because it features Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The stained glass Nativity is unusual because of the colored pencils.
  • Our coloring book download, which allows you to purchase all of our coloring sheets in one package, is built around the Madonna and Child coloring page.
  • The Christmas coloring pages, two Three Kings coloring pages, and a shepherd coloring page are all included below.
  • Some of these are suitable for Kindergarten and preschool. Some are from antique stained glass windows and are more appropriate for older kids.

A coloring page of the Nativity

  • The significant guests to the Holy Family from the Bible stories are depicted on this lovely coloring page for the Nativity.
  • Mary, Joseph, and Jesus make up the Holy Family.
  • Shepherds and their flock.
  • Bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh were the Three Kings.
  • Include this in your children’s Sunday school teachings.

Nativity coloring page for preschoolers

  • This coloring page of the Nativity scene is appropriate for Kindergarten and preschool. Children enjoy coloring:

The star of Bethlehem.

  • In the adorable Nativity scene, the stable.
  • Hint! Children can first color the yellow stars and pale faces after being shown the appropriate colors.
  • In reality, stars can also be other luminous colors. If you have a white crayon or coloring pencil and your kids wish to leave the stars white, they can “color” the white parts first to prevent them from covering the stars with a dark crayon or coloring pencil such as blue or purple, or black.
  • They may feel the friction on the page alter as they approach the edge and are somehow reminded not to color over the same region.
  • If the extras “go outside the lines,” remove them from the page.

A coloring page of Madonna with a child for Christmas

  • A Christmas card can be created by selecting the booklet setting on this free printable Christmas coloring page of Jesus and Mary.
  • The page can be folded like a card because the image will only print on one side. Beautiful!
  • Coloring page for Christmas with Jesus and Mary
    Children in Kindergarten and first grade would benefit much from coloring this free Christmas coloring page.
  • Jesus is born on Christmas, and Mary is such a sweetheart.

Christmas coloring page for the religious

  • Pick up some light-colored coloring pencils to make this religious Christmas coloring sheet shine.
  • The following five free printable Christmas coloring pages focus on Baby Jesus. You may turn them into stunning printable Christmas greeting cards using various printer settings.
  • Babies are always popular with children, which is one of His charms. These are primary preschool and kindergarten coloring pages.
  • In the first of these images, which depicts the Child Jesus, He is with His Mother, Mary.

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