8 Tips for Creating Incredible Social Media Marketing Videos

In this ever-changing world, we must be one step ahead of our competitors. And what better way to do so than by being active on social media? Not only do businesses choose it as a viable platform for marketing, but they have also moved most of their operations online. Almost 86% of global advertisers use social media in their marketing.

Sometimes, businesses find a video animation company that creates video content for them, while others want to start with the basics. No matter how you do it, you can’t go wrong with short videos that get to the point and keep people interested.

Here are 8 tips if you want to make amazing marketing video content to attract an audience:

  1. HD Videos

If you want to create high-definition videos, then you must do it correctly. First, you must understand the purpose of the video. You cannot swing the bat blindly in the dark! What you need is content that addresses the issue at hand with all the correct visual elements. Next, you should invest in HD video equipment that can make your video look professional.

In addition, you have to look at lighting and overall props for the video. Ensure that nothing is out of place and that the ambiance matches the content you want to deliver.

  1. Use Hook

Make your first few seconds count! It is because a viewer makes up their mind within 5 seconds of the video if they want to watch it or not. However, ten seconds are crucial – give or take. Within these seconds, get viewers to watch your video by using a powerful hook statement.

You can start with a fact or a quote that is intriguing and relevant to the topic. Adding stats or some unknown piece of information can make the user watch some more. Next, ride on the wave created by the hook. And this is where your creativity should kick in.

  1. Targeting Millennials and Gen Z

Today’s audience is mostly millennials and Gen Z. They are more technologically savvy and know their way around social media and how it works. In addition, they can hold you accountable if your video content is out of place in some way!

With them, you ought to be careful but trendy. Pop culture and memes are what best resonate with them. Therefore, your content must be adjusted according to their tastes and originality. Please don’t bore them with your rant! Instead, think outside the box and create content that is easy to understand and precise.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, people generate, share, and consume content via their smartphones. The number of smartphone users has skyrocketed, making it the most widely used technology ever. Therefore, tailor your marketing strategies around it.

Create marketing videos that are easily accessible. It means video content that one can watch in the palm of one’s hand! Furthermore, it is an excellent method for sharing content with other users and consuming content in general.

  1. Short And Concise

It is the era where time is money. Plus, your users can judge you within a few seconds. Therefore, make a positive and lasting impression on them with your originality! To make a successful marketing video, you must keep it short.

In this case, your few seconds should have the hook plus creativity. Originally, a video should last around 30 to 40 seconds. However, a 1-minute video can do an effective job as well. Try to make your content simple with just the right amount of information. No need to go overboard and include everything!

  1. Include Subtitles or Music

Of course, if you want to make a catchy video, then you must not forget to add music. It creates the overall atmosphere of the video and helps to retain users’ attention. Also, you can include royalty-free music in your video to save on additional background music costs!

If your video is textual and has some voiceover, then add subtitles. Furthermore, if you want to include overseas viewers, then employ subtitles in different languages. Adding subtitles lets your viewer see the video in bustling streets or subways.

  1. Outsource Video Content

Businesses also outsource their marketing services to a third party. In the case of video content, one can approach an entity that specializes in creating marketing videos. Approaching a video animation company that can build a video highlighting your services is a viable solution. You can also hire a freelancer to help you with your video marketing for a reasonable price.

Again, businesses want to save themselves from the hassle of getting expensive equipment. Therefore, they employ a third party to do things for them better and cheaper!

  1. Utilize Metrics

Lastly, measure your success by analyzing metrics. You should know the view counts, the number of times it was shared, and the number of likes and comments on the video. Your choice of platform lets you see these viewer engagements so that you can do better!

These metrics are like getting feedback from your users. You can identify the target audience, your future trajectory, and the demands of your consumers! Overall, use these metrics to make better videos in the future.


In the end, you should rely on both your instincts and insights from metrics to create another effective marketing video! It is time that you utilized a social media platform to market your products and enhance the user experience. Be original and creative in this fast-paced world.

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